Laughing Down the Moon

Laughing Down the Moon

My first novel comes out today! What a magical way to close up 2013. I can’t express how very excited I am about this. It’s like passing a note in fifth grade, chewing your bottom lip until the little origamied message makes its way hand-to-hand across the room, breathing a sigh of relief that the teacher didn’t notice, and then watching your best friend laugh as she reads what you wrote. No. It’s even better than that–if you can imagine!

The link to buy it from the publisher’s (Bella Books) website is

There is also an appetizer at Here you can enjoy the first ten pages.

Happy New Year to you!!! I hope it is a magical one for you!

2 thoughts on “Laughing Down the Moon

  1. Maxx says:


    I met you at Twin Cities Profe 2015. It seems like so long ago that I picked up your book Laughing Down the Moon. You signed the copy I bought and we laughed over being gay and Pagan. You included a tarot card with each copy of your book and after a move and many other life obstacles I finally sat down and read. I wish I could thouroughly express to you how much your book has touched my heart and how much I needed the message I received. I took the time to find your blog here because I know as a writer myself that words can touch people in ways nothing else can and knowing you’ve touched someone’s life is the best kind of compliment.

    I do believe we exchanged some contact info at Pride but I cannot for the life of me find it and I needed to express my profound emotions in some way.

    Thank you!

  2. Eva Indigo says:

    Maxx! I need to quit teaching because…seriously! I haven’t made time to look around this blogsite for ages. I just read this now, and it makes me so happy that Laughing Down the Moon touched your heart! So cool. I hope this finds you well and happy.
    I think I’m leaving teaching this year to write full-time. So I will be at this site much more often.
    Let’s keep in touch!

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