Build it and they will run?

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hours upon hours are spent on my butt creating feedback on student work. I want to spend hours upon hours running through the woods or at least strolling around. Hey, I know—let’s combine the two!

Okay, so does anyone use a desk treadmill? Is yours homemade or was it built to do the jobs you are asking it to do? My wife is getting a recumbent exercise bike at 2nd Wind. She can get almost free ($150) delivery and in-home set-up if she spends more than $2,000. The bike is only $500 or something. I’ve been daydreaming about the NordicTrack desk treadmill because it’s a brand I trust and it’s attractive. Plus it doubles as a sitting desk, standing desk, walking desk, and a plain 10mph treadmill with 10% incline if so desired. I can’t say “doubles” then, can I? It quadruples as…etc.

2nd Wind doesn’t have that one though. They have some other desk treadmills, but they only go 4mph. So no run replacement options. I realize running and scoring kid work could lead to shoddy teachership. Or broken body parts like an unstrung neck or dislocated pointing finger. But on 16 degree, low scoring-load days, I’d still like the option of replacing an outdoor run with an indoor run in the 1950’s paneled, mirrored luxury of our basement.

So here’s what I’m thinking, and here’s where your opinion matters. What if I buy a real, plain treadmill from 2nd Wind so my wife gets free-ish delivery and set-up, and I BUILD A DESK on top of the handrails? What do you think?

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