Friday, January 1, 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016

One page coming up! 365, or so, adjusted for Leap Year, pages. Teacher Memoir? What about those summer days? No problem; it’s not as if some school doesn’t happen every day, even in the summer. Thoughts at least, hey?

So what schoolish things went down today? I looked into Google Classroom. My co-teacher, Amy, created the spaces for us. I wish it looked more like a video game. Perhaps it will as I get more into it. I also peeked at Meghan’s, our literacy coach’s, copy of The Common Core: The Standards Decoded by Jim Burke. Literally opened the booked, noticed that the cover and back cover are falling off—not from overuse but from shoddy wiring—hoped she wouldn’t think I did it, looked at a few headings trying to figure out if it covered all core areas—it does, I think—and closed the book. Then I called Barnes and Noble because I really want to buy something. They didn’t have a copy of it in store, but they’ve ordered on for me.

So yeah, that’s the extent of it. Do people other than teachers buy stuff that will let them be better whatevers? Probably. Maybe. I don’t know.

Wait, another schoolish part was waking to a dream where I was a science teacher. I walked into a lab bustling with busy students and realized I’d prepared nothing, nada, zilch, for my seniors. One kid looked like he was making a bomb, so I checked in with him first. He said, “Oh, no, I just made it so cold water runs first, not hot.” I looked again. It wasn’t a bomb but rather plumbing. “Good idea,” I told him.

Oh yeah, we also drove past school because I told Chou to go that way on our way home from skiing in the park. I just really like seeing the school. Guess that’s a good sign. I’m still very happy, after two and a half months, to be living so close. Eight walking blocks. Ten minutes on foot. Unless there are eagles playing above—then it’s fifteen minutes by foot. I’m happy to live close. Who would have thought? And that’s that. The first day of the year. Thank you and good-bye 2015. Hello 2016. May you be a good year.